The town of Cochem

"Cheers!" say the people in Cochem as they raise their glasses and toast each other with a glass of wine. This sentiment was also uttered some 2,000 years ago by the Romans when they came here, "Here’s to your well-being!". In fact they liked it so much here that they took these wishes quite literally and stayed. The most delicious legacy left behind by the Romans was wine, which is still cultivated and consumed here with a passion. This comes as no surprise as the sun-drenched, steep slopes produce elegant, crisp wines that are truly unrivalled.

Did wine perhaps also inspire the builders of Cochem Reichsburg, the town’s ancient castle? This could well be possible – with its fanciful towers and battlements it more resembles a flight of fancy from a dream than a castle designed to withstand a siege. Here you can see the medieval world revealed in all its splendour. And when the falconer releases his bird of prey from his fist, eyes aglow with excitement are guaranteed among young and old.

The small town of Cochem forms the centre point of the holiday region by the Moselle between Bremm and Klotten. The majestic Reichsburg dominates the townscape from nearly all perspectives. Its typical holiday atmosphere is conjured up by the small alleyways leading to the medieval market place, the lively Moselle promenade with its cafés where you can linger at your leisure, the pretty yacht harbour and the extremely hospital townsfolk.


2 weeks before Easter: Easter Market; 2nd Sunday in April: Moselle Red Peach Blossom Festival; Wednesday before Corpus Christi until following Sunday: Moselle Wine Week; 1st weekend in August: Castle Festival; last weekend in August: Local Fair and Wine Festival; 1st and 2nd weekend in November: Young Wine Festival; Advent: Cochem Christmas Magic; beginning of May to end of October: numerous wine festivals.

Reichsburg – Cochem’s castle

With its thousand years of history, the Reichsburg is a real centre of attraction in the Cochem holiday region. From whichever direction you approach the town, the castle majestically reigns down from its steep peak, which rises over 100 metres over the Moselle.
However, it is not only from the valley that it conjures up a magnificent sight, a tour of the inside with areas such as the knights’ hall, hunting room and heated ladies’ apartments is definitely worth a visit.
From the castle you have a fantastic view over Cochem and the Moselle.

Tip: Enjoy a good old-fashioned spread, known in German as a “Gasterey” – Feast like ye old knights

After a guided tour of the castle, experience a rustic meal fit for a knight in the castle’s cellar. Servants and maids in historic costumes will wait on you like nobility. Bread and dripping do the rounds while a hearty soup bubbles away in the pot. For the main course generous legs of meat will be served from the grill. Minstrels in historic dress provide amusement and music in the appropriate style.


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