Anything for a Cat

When three wine merchants from Aachen and a winegrower from Zell could not agree during the wine tasting in the winegrower’s cellar his black cat managed to find a compromise with a promising future: it jumped onto a wine cask and defended it fiercely with its sharp claws. The wine merchants ceded and bought the wine without further tasting and sold it under the name “Black Cat”. And all of a sudden the wine sales boomed. Nothing has changed since then. Even worldwide. It’s no wonder then that everything in Zell is centred on the “Black Cat”. The residents have paid tribute to the famous cat with a fountain in the centre of town. The fountain is an ideal starting point for a stroll through the historic town centre revealing many details of an eventful past. Part of this past is the

“Round Tower” which is the symbol of the town and is a remnant of the former fortifications surrounding the town. Also the Electoral Palace in Zell is one of the finest Baroque secular buildings of the Moselle.

Package Deal – “Zell Black Cat”

2 nights including breakfast in Zell (Mosel), a welcome glass of “Zell Black Cat” wine and a wine glass with local motive, small “Zell Black Cat” souvenir, ride through the collective vineyard “Zell Black Cat” with professional description about the town and the country including a winegrower’s snack, wine and sparkling wine tasting in a winery cellar including wine seminar, hearty winegrower’s supper, boat trip “Around the Marienburg”, “Zell Black Cat” dinner (4-course), 1 bottle of “Zell Black Cat”
Per Person from 168 €
Date: Easter to beginning of November

Searching for the Secret of the “Zell Black Cat”

Zell has about 4 million vines and is one of the largest viticultural communities in Germany. Discover the secret of the “Zell Black Cat” and follow the footprints of the cat through the crooked lanes boasting pretty half-timbered houses; drop into one the traditional wine cellars or any of the numerous inns. Visit the late Gothic Electoral Palace in Zell and try some of the noble wines or bubbling sparkling wines and some delicious local dishes.

Wine Gourmet Days at the “Zell Black Cat”

For three days everything revolves around the legendary “Zell Black Cat”. Discover some regional specialities, some noble wine and a magical landscape in the home town of the “Zell Black Cat”.


The wine festival of the “Zell Black Cat” always takes place on the last weekend in June. Make your reservations early.
Further information and programme:

The Start of the Wine Festival Season

On the last weekend in June the traditional “Zell Black Cat” wine festival takes place and signals the start of the wine festival season in the Moselle region. There are daily concerts with well-known bands and a fireworks display.

Wine, Women and Song

In the year 40 B.C. all of Teutonia was occupied by the Romans. All Teutonia? No. Some Celts still resided in Kaimt – surrounded by the mighty power of Rome. The Celtic Chieftain Horgar invited the Romans to share some wine with him and a three-day drinking binge resulted. The result: there was never a battle between the Romans in Zell and the Celts in Kaimt. This legend is relived at the Celtic Wine Camp festival in Zell at which all sorts of turmoil, fun and music takes place in an historical ambiente.


The Celtic Wine Camp festival takes place on the last weekend in August.
Further information and programme:
Telefon +49(0)6542-96220,

Package Deal - Wine, Women and Song

2 nights including breakfast, a welcome glass of “Zell Black Cat” wine, boat trip “Around the Marienburg”, lunch, hearty winegrower’s supper, visit to a wine cellar, wine tasting, wine information, typical Moselle food including a glass of wine, ride through the vineyard with description of the work in the vineyards, wine in the vineyards, 1 bottle of “Zell Black Cat” Per Person from 164 €.
Bokning: Tourist-Information Zeller Land,´telefon +49(0)6542-96220

Happy Mosel

Only for you and only for one day. The longest closed road in Germany is just spectacular. It’s a real magnet for visitors. Up to 100,000 visitors from near and far come on their bikes, inline skates or skateboards. Ambitious individualists cycle alongside sporty teams of pensioners and families meeting up with other groups of friends. They all expect a wide range of events and tempting places to rest and eat, and there’s plenty of that. And there’s plenty of fun all along the way ranging from live concerts to safety training and performances by real professionals. The typical regional food and the great selection of wines makes the day a perfect day.


Happy Mosel always takes place on the first Sunday after Whitsun (in 2009 already on the first Sunday in May).


Whit Sunday: Whitsun Wine Walk all around the Marienburg; Sunday after Whitsun: Happy Mosel; April/May “Zell Black Cat Festival” and festival “Wine and Walking in the Vineyards”; second to last weekend in June: Wine Blossom Day; last weekend in June: Wine Festival of the “Zell Black Cat”; 2nd weekend in July: day of the Long Table; last weekend in July: St. Jacob’s Day Wine Fair; 2nd weekend in August: Wine Festival in Zell-Merl; last weekend in August: Celtic Wine Camp; 3rd weekend in September: Roman wine tasting; 2nd weekend in October: Young Wine Festival; 1st and 2nd weekend in Advent: Christmas Market; 3rd weekend in Advent: Raiffeisenbank Advent City Run.


Tourist-Information Zeller Land der Stadt und Verbandsgemeinde Zell (Mosel)
Rathaus, D-56856 Zell (Mosel) Telefon +49(0)6542-96220

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