Riesling and Renaissance

Riesling wine is currently enjoying a world-wide renaissance. International critics sing hymns of praise and at international award ceremonies Riesling wines and their creators are reaping in top places. In Bernkastel-Kues, the “International Town of Vines and Wines”, the Riesling grape and the Renaissance era are part of history. An elegant Renaissance town hall located on one of the most beautiful market squares of Germany has been home to viticulture for a documented period of 777 years. Today the “Bernkasteler Doctor”, the most famous and most expensive wine in Germany, accompanied by the “Bernkastel Badstube” and the “Wehlen Sonnenuhr” represent three individual wines from vineyards of world reputation.


A superlative cultural heritage and winery: St. Nikolaus Hospital.
The chapel and cloister form one of the most important Gothic buildings of the Moselle; it is one of the oldest functioning hospices in Germany and its library is considered to be one of the most precious private collection of books in the world. It was founded in 1451 by the town’s most famous son, Nikolaus Cusanus, who first taught the theory of infinity of the world and it was he, the greatest philosopher of the century, who introduced a new era of arts and humanities.

Package Deal – Wine Experience

3 nights including breakfast, wine tasting with a snack, a typical Moselle meal with a glass of wine, a boat trip on the Moselle, a journey on the panorama train, a visit of the WineExperienceWorld and a farewell bottle of wine. Price per person in a double room from 189,00 EUR depending on the category (A, B of C). Single room supplement 30 EUR. Bookable from Easter till the end of October.

Information and booking:
Mosel-Gäste-Zentrum Bernkastel-Kues, Tel +49(0)6531-500190

Anyone for wine tasting?

The historical vaulted wine cellar of the St. Nikolaus Hospital has been dedicated to wine for centuries. Today this traditional building now houses a unique institution: the Vinotheque. Wine treasures from the entire collective wine region of Mosel-Saar-Ruwer slumber in the depths of the cellar and await revival. You can taste any wine from a selection of 160 wines of all distinctions, from quality wines to semi-dry Spätlese and from the sweetest of Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese to the greatest of Eiswein. Every step into the Vinotheque will become an impressive journey through the kingdom of the highest premium Riesling wines in the world.

Opening Hours:
16 April to 31 October: daily from 10 am to 6 pm
1 November to 15 April: daily from 2 pm to 5 pm
Or on appointment

400-year old Lifestyle

Bernkasteler AltstadtA lot, in fact more than a lot, of the historic centre in Bernkastel has remained untouched over the centuries. The “front room” of the town – the Market Square – impressively mirrors its 400-year history. The Renaissance Town Hall standing proud and tall, the strange pointed house, half-timbered houses as far as the eye can see, in the centre the magnificent Michael Fountain - time just stands still here. There are so many crooked lanes and romantic corners, towers and merlons to be seen that a guided walk around the historic centre is absolutely worthwhile.

Package Deal – Romantic Gourmet Weekend

This package consists of 2 nights including breakfast, one exclusive Candle-Light-Dinner (5-course menu), one typical Moselle evening meal, a wine tasting at a winery, a guided tour through Bernkastel-Kues or a ride on the panorama train of a walk with the Audioguide and a farewell bottle of wine. Price per person in a double room from 169,00 EUR depending on the category (A, B of C). Single room supplement 30,00 EUR. Bookable all year-round.

Information and booking:
Mosel-Gäste-Zentrum Bernkastel-Kues, Tel +49(0)6531-500190

Nikolaus Cusanus

Nikolaus CusanusNobody realised when little Nikolaus was born in 1401 as the son of a boat owner, fisherman and shopkeeper in Kues that just this little boy would become a true shining light in theology, philosophy and science. Apart from his fast career as a man of the church – he became curia cardinal and vicar-general in Rome – he drafted a new philosophy in which the earth was no longer centre, but only a part of an infinite universe. This was a radical new philosophy later confirmed by Kopernikus, Keppler and Galileo representing a view of the world with which Cusanus was able to create the basis for philosophical thinking in the world of science in modern times.


6./7. July: Medieval Festival
29.8. - 2.9.: Wine fest of the Middle Moselle
Advent: Annual. Christmas-Market in the historic Old Town of Bernkastel-Kues


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